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Your wedding day is about just that - you. It’s the first chapter in the book of a lifetime spent with each other. That’s why it’s so important that your photos and videos tell the story of what you felt, heard, saw and experienced the biggest day of your lives.

There are so many things in life we swear we’ll never forget. The joy. The sunshine in their hair. The smell of waffle cone ice cream and the sound of birds. The flutter in your heart when you got engaged. We commit these moments to memory because they matter. But try as we might memories soften, blur, and fade.

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I’m passionate about providing you with stunning images, but also creating a fun and relaxed experience so you can truly soak up your big day! I’ll be your cheerleader, helper, and new friend with a camera through your engagement and the big day. Besides taking on weddings myself, I also have an amazing team that I trust entirely who help me capture more wedding days. I’d love for you to meet them!

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Zuzu and Marcus are a couple that fit so well together, and its obvious to everyone they meet. It was so fun to go back to St. Olaf College (which we all graduated from) for their wedding. Then they finished the day off with mini golf and a reception at Centennial Lakes. It was an absolutely perfect and beautiful day.

This wedding was, in a word, so FUN. Whether it was wedding party photos, candies at the reception, or photos with just the couple - every moment was filled with smiles and laughter as everyone enjoyed themselves. It's so clear from the short time that I've known them that Sofia and Hunter's love is one that will stand the test of time.

High school sweethearts getting married are rare, but Abby and Joe go back even further. They fell in love in middle school, and their feelings only grew with time. At the first look, Abby read some of her journal from when they travelled abroad. Joe's letter was sweet and poetic, and showed how the two of them just truly love each other so much.

From the tears they shed during their vows to the countless laughs throughout the day, Kaylee and Jake's wedding day was an absolute dream. These two are so full of energy and love for each other, and every single part of their marriage reflected that. Not to mention it was most fun I've ever had on the dance floor.

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